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Gift giving is always fun, but it’s extremely hard when all your bridesmaids have different personalities and styles. I still wanted to give them the same things, so that they would all have gifts that were representative of our wedding.


I had a really hard time figuring out what I would give them, but after months of searching, I finally found some things I thought they would all like.


Since pink was an important color in the wedding, I decided to have a pink-themed gifts.


I got the girls a bag of goodies. First, personalized pink silk jewelry rolls. I thought this was a classic gift. Youngest sister Flamingo doesn’t wear jewelry, but she has piercings galore. She can store her body jewelry in it.


The second part of their gift, was one Pink 2GB SanDisk Cruzer Gator. I thought this was perfect for them to keep all their photos and important documents. I use Flash drives all the time, and I hope they will too.

I also added a journal for each girl, and I wrote each a personal note on the first page. I mostly thanked them for being part of our wedding and sharing in our special day. It was nice seeing them open their gifts and getting all teary eyed when they read the messages.


For my MOH I got her a little something more. Since she was stressing out more than I was, I got her a gift certificate at a beautiful local spa—perfect to help her relax.


They seemed really happy with their gifts… I hope they use them all!


Did you give your bridesmaid a themed gift?

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