Tips for Perfect Prom Hair Dos for Prom

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  • It's never too early to start looking through magazines for pictures of prom hair styles you love even hair styles from Prom work! Clip and save the pictures of prom hair styles for your stylist. Or keep them on your bulletin board if you or a friend are doing your own hair for Prom.

  • Healthy hair makes a big difference. You can do more with it! Several months before Prom get regular trims every four to six weeks to cut off dead ends. Use deep conditioners, especially if you color you hair.

  • Always get your dress and jewelry first. Then decide on which prom hair style works best for your look. If your dress is very elaborate, keep your hair simple. If your dress is very simple, consider a more elaborate up do and maybe add hair accessories such as a tiara.

  • Select a Prom hair style that works on your hair - not on a friend's hair or on a model's hair or on your favorite movie star. Whatever hair style you pick make sure it frames your face! " Select a backup hair style - just in case the first one doesn't work out you have a Plan B.

  • Make your appointment at the salon for your prom hair at least eight weeks ahead. Allow plenty of time with the stylist. Salons are super busy at Prom. Stress buster: the day of your appointment, remember to call the salon before you leave home. It's not uncommon for stylists to be running late on Prom days, especially Saturdays!

  • If you can afford the time and money, make an appointment with your stylist for a "dress rehearsal". It's a great way to test your Prom hair style when you're not under pressure. Doing your own hair updo for Prom? Practice at home with a friend at least once and best if twice so you can make any changes before Prom.

  • Take pictures after your practice session. You may find that the hair style isn't the one you want after all when you see yourself. No big deal. Plenty of time to tweak your look or find another.

  • Take your shower Prom day before you go the salon or do your Prom hair do yourself or with a friend. Otherwise, you risk getting your hair wet.

  • Hair hint: Prom hair up dos work better on slightly dirty hair, so suds your tresses the day before. Clean hair is harder to work on. Hair washed the day before is easier to manage.

  • Remember hair spray is your best friend prom night but it's an enemy if you wear real pearls

  • Wear a button up shirt while getting your prom hair style done at a salon or home. You don't want to mess up those tresses taking off a t-shirt.

  • Pick hair accessories to your appointment. Select them based on your dress style. Want to look like a fairy princess, consider a tiara as the perfect crowning touch. Fun and flirty in a short dress, sparkle with a few rhinestone clips in your Prom hair do. Wearing a romantic dress, consider curls and ribbons or a flower in your hair.

  • Take prom pictures early in the night. You want your prom hair style looking absolutely flawless in the memories of Prom that last forever.

  • Don't experiment on the big night with color and new style or length. It's not the time to test your locks or a new look!

  • Be a real hair genius: Take spray, pins, bobby pins, mouse, gel, clips with you in your survival kit for fast fix ups.

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