Timeless Pave and Cushion Diamond Engagement Rings

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Looking for a great diamond, but confused with exactly what shape of diamond to buy? With all the diamond cuts available like Marquise, Round Brilliant, Pear, Oval, Heart, Princess, Emerald, Asscher, and Cushion shape diamonds, it can be very confusing choosing the right one for a diamond for that perfect engagement ring. Creating a timeless engagement ring by choosing a cushion shape diamond and a pave diamond engagement ring setting is a great start of showing the one you love just how committed you are. 

There are many styles of diamond cuts and there are also as many styles of diamond engagement rings. The cushion shape diamond, like many other diamond cuts, has particular diamond engagement settings that set off the cushion shape diamond to its max. The pave engagement ring is the ideal diamond engagementn ring setting for the cushion shape diamond. The pave engagement ring setting is a unique setting that features small diamonds in the band. The look of the pave engagement ring with a cushion shape diamond is smaller diamonds leading up to one large diamond, the cushion diamond. 

Cushion shape diamonds are not just hot diamonds in today"s market, but were hot diamonds in the past too. The cushion diamond is shaped like a cushion, but has eye catching brilliance that make the cushion diamond a cherished stone by whoever wears it. Find cushion shape diamonds at great prices at Abazias.com. Besides finding a very vast selection of cushion shape diamonds at Abazias.com, there is also a large selection of pave diamond engagement ring settings. Choosing a cushion shape diamond with a pave diamond engagement ring setting is a great way to create a timeless diamond engagement ring setting. 


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