our honeymoon adventure

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"When we think of honeymoons we tend to imagine warm, tropical islands surrounded by palm trees and afternoon cocktails on the beach. However, these days some couples are tending to be more adventurous- and Susanne and Tim are no exception. Read on to hear about their amazing honeymoon adventure..."

our honeymoon adventures

Since I can remember I've always loved travelling. Growing up I was fascinated by all the countries in the world and as soon as I was old enough, I set out to explore them.

Aged 18 I booked my first trip to Europe and over the following 13 years I jet-setted all over the world, seeing amazing places and meeting wonderful people. I made a bet with one person I met that I would beat them in travelling to 40 different countries first, which stayed in my mind and was one of the first things I blurted out to Tim when we met.

Having moved to London on a work stint aged 31, I met Tim- also a Melburnian living in London- at a bar one night out and he too had travelled all over the world. As he started listing all the places he'd visited we lost count and got to talking about our lives instead.

Although I wasn't looking for a relationship I was immediately attracted to Tim and within days we went on our first date- to Florence! Our feelings were too strong to deny and as we travelled to many more wonderful places- such as Marrakech, Turkey and Malta- after a few months together we decided to move back to Australia at the end of the year to buy a house together.

But first we took advantage of our time left abroad- travelling to many more beautiful places such as Norway, Amsterdam, Scotland and Poland, then decided to travel to Russia on our way home.

On our flight to Russia after hearing an announcement by the air hostess that diamonds must be declared upon arrival, Tim shook me awake and proposed with a beautiful, sparkling diamond ring! We celebrated in Russia, then London, then soon after with our family and friends in Melbourne.

We married on Elwood Beach on January 14, 2007, and when deciding on our honeymoon we both knew we wanted something a little different to what the "traditional" relaxing honeymoon usually entailed. As my life ambition had become to see every one of the world's 195 countries, and Tim's ambition was to see each of the listed ancient and natural wonders of the world, we wanted to work towards our life goals.

So for our honeymoon we decided to book a 10-day trip to backpack through Vietnam and Cambodia, to add to my list of countries, and also decided to visit Ankor Wat- a temple complex in Cambodia- to add to Tim's ancient and natural wonders. Starting in Ho Chi Minh City, we headed to the backpacker strip and booked our overnight boat trip up the Mekong to Cambodia.

Costing only USD$22, it included bus transfers, boat, visas at the Cambodian border, one night's accommodation and two local village tours on the way. Although our accommodation was only 2 stars it was a massive bargain! And not wanting to have a honeymoon that was all about flash hotels it was just what we wanted, a chance to really get to see the cities for what they are.

Then in Phenom Penh, Cambodia, we found a local motel and spent most of the night time in the famous Foreign Correspondence Club (FCC). During the days we toured the killing fields and met the old Cambodian army teams who now make their living allowing travelers to shoot AK47s!

From the capital, we decided to speed things along and fly to Siam Reap- again booking on the backpacker strip- to see Ankor Wat.

Soon back in Vietnam, we really wanted some "beach time" so we did so in fantastic Mui Ne, the Kite-boarding Mecca of Vietnam! There is a fantastic small boutique hotel there with 4-star beachfront cabins for only usd$40 p/n. Great place to unwind and enjoy the beach, relax by the pool and watch the kites and their riders to their thing.

We loved lugging our full backpacks onto a river barge at 4am on our honeymoon- we wouldn't have had it any other way! Recently we took our 10-month-old son, Lucas, on his first trip and visited The UAE, Jordan and Petra. Both our traveling lists continue to grow and we love that we did something meaningful for our honeymoon, something that reflects as both as individuals, and as a couple.

Susanne MacDonald.

"So although backpacking might not be everybody's ideal honeymoon for Susanne and Tim it was the perfect way to celebrate their new lives together. When it comes to choosing your honeymoon destination think about what represents you- the newlyweds!"

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