How to Have a Fun Wedding With No Alcohol

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People choose alcohol-free weddings for a variety of reasons. Sometimes religious beliefs prohibit the use of alcohol. Sensitivity to the needs of members of the wedding party that have issues with alcohol often results in an alcohol-free wedding. People also forgo alcohol at weddings to save on expenses, as the cost of adding alcohol to a catered event adds a substantial amount to the overall bill.

Add the “How Well Do They Know Each Other” game and other games to the reception. Games that involve all the guests add fun without alcohol. Seat the bride and the groom in the front of the room, back to back. The bride and groom each have a pink and a blue paddle. The emcee asks a question about behavior such as, “Who is most likely to cry at movies?” At each table, the guests discuss who they believe most fits the question. Then bride and groom choose a paddle to lift up indicating which of the two will most likely cry at movies. This goes on for at least 10 questions.

Provide music and a space to dance. Ask the emcee or wedding band to play music that all ages enjoy. Choose songs from various decades to appeal to a variety of guests. Organize a party train. The men line up on one side. The women line up facing their partner, leaving enough room between the two lines for the dancing couple. The first couple at the beginning of the line dances down the center. The next couple follows. As couples dance down the middle, the lines continue to move up.

Video tape your guests giving the bride and groom marriage advice. Anyone can give advice regardless of age or marital status. Let married couples give advice together. Children offer their own unique advice for the bride and groom. Including as many guests as possible to makes guests feel important.

Serve fun non-alcoholic beverages to your guests. Create the non-alcoholic version of some standard liquor drinks. A "no-jito" combines soda water, mint, lime and simple syrup and simulates a mojito. Mix together various juices and seltzer water to create a tropical punch. Place paper umbrellas in the drinks to liven them up. Use sparkling apple cider instead of Champagne for the wedding toasts. It looks similar to Champagne when poured into flutes.

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