Choosing Your Bridesmaids' Dresses - Practical Tips for Brides

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During the time between your engagement and your big day, the time will come for you to choose your bridesmaids. As the bride, you have a say in what the bridesmaids should wear. It is one more detail to take care of, and can be a bit of a daunting task, not in the least because tastes differ and you'll want to keep everyone happy.

There are several things to consider when choosing the dresses for your bridesmaids. Their dresses should compliment your own gown, of course. They should also be comfortable to wear for your bridesmaids, and make them feel attractive. Unflattering dresses can cause bad feelings, which could cast a bit of a cloud over your special day. This should at all times be avoided.

Keep in mind your bridesmaids' preferences as well as body types. Not everything looks good on everyone. It's advisable to have a look around together at what's available. The Internet will be a good place for browsing, and for finding out what everyone would prefer to wear. You could all have a good time with this and can narrow down the options.

This is also the time to think about budgets. Commonly, the bridesmaids are responsible for paying for their outfits and accessories. If there are some amongst your bridesmaids who might not be able to afford something expensive, it might cause embarrassment if she cannot afford what you have chosen. It's best to agree upon a price beforehand, and settle on a budget everyone is comfortable with.

If everyone is happy with the decisions so far, it's time to go shopping around. This will allow everyone to try on different styles and it's a perfect excuse to hang out for a day with your friends and family members. It will also help with finding the best prices, which is a bonus.

Remember to have a good time. The time before your wedding shouldn't be all stress and endless lists of things to do. Allow your bridesmaids to be there for you and to help you get through it all. Do keep in mind their feelings and needs as well - although the ultimate decision rests with you, with regards to their dresses, you did choose them as your bridesmaids for a special reason. They are the people who have always been there for you, and will continue to be there for a long time to come. So make sure everyone's happy, and you'll all be wearing smiles on the big day.

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